Proximity Sensor

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The WIN S1WPX Proximity Sensor monitors the discrete position of a magnetics target on slowly/infrequently moving devices such as valve handles, doors, gates, etc. This sensor also maintains and transmits a count of position transition events. The count increment when the magnetic target is positioned near the sensor.  Count information is frequently used for routine inspection or maintenance purposes. When connected to the WIN Wireless Transmitter, the V-Bus technology is used to send the sensor data to the DataManager for trending and analysis. Sensors are provided with cable and a quick-connect fitting to facilitate a secure transmitter connection. Pre-programming eliminates the need to sensor calibration. 


  • Mounting Sensor: 5/8 - 18 UNF Thread (nuts & lock washer incl.)
  • Mounting Target: 3/8 - 16 UNC
  • Target Material: 300 series Stainless Steel
  • Sensing Range: 0 - 0.2 in. (0 - 5 mm)
For more detailed information see Product Data Sheet.